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Final Destination / Пункт назначения (2000)

Final Destination / Пункт назначения (2000)

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Alex Browning - a high school student is about to go on a school trip to Paris. He is very afraid of flying, but he is trying to hide his fear. Already in the plane, the guy starts a wild attack of panic - it seems to him that their plane should explode. Alex and his friends are landed from the plane to put them on the next flight, until the guy calms down. But the plane with the remaining passengers really explodes in the sky. The witnesses of the incident are in shock and immediately two FBI agents appear who take testimonies from those who got off the plane, especially Alex was interested in them. But the worst is just beginning, because after a while all classmates who survived thanks to the gift of foresight begin to die one by one, and Alex realizes that death is haunting them.

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