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Friends (7 season) / Друзья (7 сезон) (2000)

Friends (7 season) / Друзья (7 сезон) (2000)

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The main characters of the series are engaged in the device of personal life. Every day, the relationship between them is becoming more and more specific, and this becomes apparent to all - except themselves. Monica (Courteney Cox ) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) are planning their wedding - and Monica even collects a whole library dedicated to various wedding ceremonies and traditions. Her joy at the engagement overshadows only the developing novel Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer) - because this news is clearly more sensational. The renovation of Phoebe’s apartment (Lisa Kudrow) is finished, but now there is only one room left. Rachel has no choice but to stay alive with Joey (Matt LeBlanc). After some time, Joey finds an erotic novel that Rachel reads - it becomes a cause for endless jokes about her. Monica is very upset after learning that her parents spent the money that was intended for her wedding. Chandler tries to reassure her, assuring that he has money for the wedding. Monica is happy - because now she will have a wedding that she has dreamed of all her life. Chandler does not share her joy - he believes that his savings could have been spent more reasonably.

7 Season, 1 Episode

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