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American Made / Сделано в Америке (2017)

American Made / Сделано в Америке (2017)

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Since childhood, Barry Seal was in love with the sky, so he chose the profession of a pilot. After graduating from the aviation school, he became the youngest pilot of the Boeing 747, but the hot-tempered character more than once became the cause of quarrels with the leadership, which eventually led to his dismissal. Having taken up the search for a new job, Barry did not consider non-aviation options, so he quickly decided to cooperate with the Latin mafia. A first-class pilot began to ship on board a shipment of drugs, which allowed him to earn a lot of money. But Barry was unable to remain unnoticed for a long time, so the CIA agents came to him, who offered him cooperation. So Barry was in a hopeless situation, but even in this situation he has an idea for extracting his own benefit...

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