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Resident Evil 4: Afterlife / Обитель зла 4: Жизнь после смерти (2010)

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife / Обитель зла 4: Жизнь после смерти (2010)

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Humanity is on the verge of extinction. The world has become a silent desert. No cars are visible, no one is in a hurry to work, only small animals are wide. All forces Alice directs in search of survivors in a terrible disaster. She wanders around the quieter Earth in search of life. But there are no people. Only the remnants of zombies, and half-rotted corpses. But our heroine is a stubborn girl. Finding survivors, she tries to bring them to safety. But its main goal is not even the salvation of mankind, but revenge. Alice wants to find the Umbrella Corporation. She wants revenge for the millions of victims, and for herself...

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