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Resident Evil 5: Retribution / Обитель зла 5: Возмездие (2012)

Resident Evil 5: Retribution / Обитель зла 5: Возмездие (2012)

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The T-virus was never destroyed. It is still spreading across the Earth at an amazing speed, turning the remnants of humanity into monsters. Behind all this is the Umbrella Corporation, whose plans for world domination were realized in the most strange way. Alice was able to infiltrate the most secret base of the corporation, where she learned almost the whole truth about the virus and its past. She is determined to find the main culprits of the global disaster that befell people. Her previous missions were just the beginning of a long way, what she had learned lately, completely turned her awareness of what was happening. Now finding new friends and allies, Alice will take a new challenge and will fight not only for his life, but for all of humanity.

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