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First Man / Человек на Луне (2018)

First Man / Человек на Луне (2018)

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A biopic about Neil Armstrong, who became the first person to set foot on the moon. The story begins with how young Neil decided to become an experimental test pilot. The young man is so keen on his dream that he gets a pilot's license earlier than his driver’s license. Airplanes are an integral part of his life and he becomes a naval aviator. He begins to be interested in science, and his mind absorbs everything like a sponge. A talented young man immediately notices the leadership of NASA, which is developing a plan for the conquest of space. So he becomes part of a coherent team that is ready for anything, in order to achieve the main goal. But what is to be sacrificed by an astronaut who is destined to become the first man on the moon?..

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