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Rise of the Planet of the Apes / Восстание планеты обезьян (2011)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes / Восстание планеты обезьян (2011)

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A young, but already very prominent scientist, his father is fading away from a terrible Alzheimer's disease. All the forces of the guy starts to search for a cure for this terrible disease. And here it is - a discovery. New serum works, and very effectively. The truth is, there is one nuance that you first need to try on a chimpanzee. The experiment is in full swing, but by a strange coincidence, something goes wrong. All chimpanzees have to be destroyed, and only one hairy baby remains alive. The scientist takes the baby to his home. And, about a miracle, the monkey shows amazing results in its development. The scientist decides to take a risky step, he injects serum to his father...

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