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Swing Vote / На трезвую голову (2008)

Swing Vote / На трезвую голову (2008)

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Bud Johnson is an unemployed single father raising a thirteen-year-old daughter. One morning, waking up from a heavy hangover, Bud becomes the most famous person in the country, on whom the fate of the entire state depends. The fact is that according to the results of the presidential elections, both candidates received exactly the same number of votes, and Bud remained the only citizen who did not vote. Since his voice is decisive, both presidential candidates come to their small town to campaign. But Bud can not decide who he still choose. Realizing that standard methods will not help, candidates begin to put pressure on human qualities. All sorts of presents literally pour on Bud, and he accepts them with joy, which is what his little daughter Molly is very dissatisfied with...

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