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Trainwreck / Девушка без комплексов (2015)

Trainwreck / Девушка без комплексов (2015)

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Even in childhood, Amy survived the divorce of parents, and this had a strong influence on her future life. Growing up, she became a free girl who does not have a serious relationship with men, preferring independence. She does not need a wedding, children and love for life, in which she simply does not believe. Amy is a girl without complexes and a dream of any guy, because she does not make plans for the future, after the first successful date. She easily breaks up with the guys and does not answer their calls, preferring new meetings without any obligations. Her views on life helped her make a successful career in a popular men's magazine, where she feels “like a fish in water”. Once the boss ordered her to write an article about a sports doctor. Amy is not at all interested in sports, but Dr. Aaron Conners is starting to attract her, which evokes strange, previously unknown feelings in her...

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