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Friends: The Reunion / Друзья: Воссоединение (2021)

Friends: The Reunion / Друзья: Воссоединение (2021)

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Добавлено: 31-05-2021, 20:26
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The series "Friends" for many has become a symbol of the era. Seventeen years ago, its final episode was filmed and the actors parted ways. Some of them have become world stars. And now, almost twenty years later, the company of friends beloved by millions gets together. Fans can once again plunge into the atmosphere of fun and great jokes. It is noteworthy that friends gather in the same places where their favorite episodes were filmed. The famous sofa in the coffee shop, Joey's wonderful jokes, worries about Monica and Chandler, Phoebe's spontaneity and Rachel and Ross's amusement - how many have missed this...

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