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This is a very touching story about the eternal feeling - love. For her, there are no borders, because she is inside each of us. Directed by Jerry Zucker was able to rally famous actors, and shoot a truly wonderful, spiritual film.
The plot of the film: happy lovers return to their modest abode after a pleasant evening in the theater. But in the darkness of an old alley they are suddenly attacked. Sam to the last defended his beloved, but it was not his day, or rather the evening, the poor fellow is killed in an unequal fight. But even though the guy lost his body shell, he became a ghost who can still help his beloved. Sam, thanks to his new state, learns that his death is not accidental, but a terrible danger looms over poor Molly. But what to do, because the girlfriend does not see him, he is a ghost. There is only one way to save the victim, to resort to the help of an inexperienced woman-medium...

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