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All the Money in the World / Все деньги мира (2017)

All the Money in the World / Все деньги мира (2017)

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The film begins in 1973 in Rome. John Paul Getty III - a young guy who belongs to the richest family in the world and leads a bohemian lifestyle, without denying himself anything. Many can only envy him and dream of such happiness. But one day, John was kidnapped by unknown people who demanded a ransom of seventeen million dollars for him. This is a very huge amount of money, but not for the oil magnate. However, no one could even assume that the richest person in the world would refuse to pay the ransom, arguing that he still has grandchildren whom he could endanger if he fulfills all the demands of criminals. Gail Harris - John's mother does not have a penny for her soul, but she is trying to do everything possible to free her son. The only help she receives from the Fletcher Chaсe family security officer...

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