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National Security / Национальная безопасность (2003)

National Security / Национальная безопасность (2003)

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At a robbery of a warehouse of the partner of policeman Hank Rafferty they kill. The next day, while on patrol, Hank notices security guard Earl Montgomery, who has forgotten the keys in the car and is trying to reach them through the open window. Earl was rude to Hank, and during his arrest Rafferty noticed a bumblebee. Cop Earl is allergic to bumblebees. Hank tried to brush off the insect with a bludgeon, but at that moment a certain tourist filmed everything with a camera from such a perspective as if Hank had beaten Earl. By this coincidence, Hank lost his job and was imprisoned for six months. Freed, Rafferty get a job as a security guard to find his partner's killers. Ironically, Rafferty and Montgomery become a partner, and they will have to figure everything out, unless, of course, they have killed each other before...

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