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Escape from Sobibor / Побег из Собибора (1987)

Escape from Sobibor / Побег из Собибора (1987)

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Sobibor is a Hitlerite concentration camp in Poland, built to exterminate the Jews. It was closed after the most massive prisoners escape in history. The organization of the uprising and the main idea took over Lieutenant Alexander Pechersky, a Soviet prisoner of war. According to his plan, the prisoners were to have one by one, secretly eliminate the personnel of the SS camp, and then take possession of the weapon and kill the guards. The plan was only partially successful - the rebels killed part of the SS, but failed to take possession of the weapon. The guards began to shoot the prisoners, and they began to break through the minefields. They managed to go into the forest. Pechersky, after this famous escape fought before the arrival of the Red Army, he also led the partisan detachment. After the war, he witnessed the trial of former Sobibor guards.

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