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Flesh + Blood / Плоть + кровь (1985)

Flesh + Blood / Плоть + кровь (1985)

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The film takes place in 1501. At this time in Western Europe, raging war and a terrible plague. The young daughter of the Duke - Agnes, on the way to her fiancé — the son of Baron Arnolfini, was attacked by bandits and was captured by them. This gang consisted of mercenary soldiers, led by fearless Martin. When they learned that the girl was the bride of their worst enemy, the robbers not only robbed her, but also raped her. Young Agnes remains with Martin as a reward, she is forced to become his mistress. After some time she realizes that between her and the uneducated soldier, accustomed to take power, there is something in common and even some feelings. During the battle of the detachment with the army of the Baron, Agnes is not sure whether she wants to be saved...

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