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Blind Fury / Слепая ярость (1989)

Blind Fury / Слепая ярость (1989)

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If you look at it superficially, then you are an ordinary person who is offended by fate, one of the many blind people that sometimes come across in your way. However, the truth is hidden much deeper and a cursory glance will not be able to make out. Nick Parker was a participant in the Vietnam War, it was there that he lost his sight, but at the same time acquired something more. Real masters of the East taught him to defend himself, even in spite of an ailment. Returning, as he thought in a peaceful life, Nick realized that the war was not over yet, he was facing a new battle, a real challenge to fate. But now the courageous guy does not need to see his enemies, blind fury will serve him as a guide.

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