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True Lies / Правдивая ложь (1994)

True Lies / Правдивая ложь (1994)

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Harry Tasker is a secret agent living a double life. At home, he is a decent and quiet family man, an employee of a computer company, who is often sent on business trips. His wife Helen Tasker does not even realize that he is currently hunting for a group of Crimson Jihad terrorists. Soon, Harry begins to suspect that Helen is cheating on him and finds out that his wife has a fan - a cheap intriguant named Simon. Harry realizes that his wife was faithful to him, but realizes that he himself repels her with his secret life and frequent absence. He decides to involve his wife in impromptu spy games. Harry instructs Helen to keep an eye on Simon, posing his as an international terrorist. Meanwhile, Harry himself has long been watched by members of the Crimson Jihad.

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