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The Devil's Double / Двойник дьявола (2011)

The Devil's Double / Двойник дьявола (2011)

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The idea of ​​the director and screenwriter was based on the biographical book of Latif Yahia.
The action of the film “The Devil’s Double” is developing in Iraq, where the rich Uday Hussein has at his disposal everything that an ordinary person desires: a lot of money, lots of sex, almost unlimited power. It’s just that Uday does not have a double on whom all problems could be blamed: drunkenness, fights, rape. And most importantly, you need a man who would replace Hussein at the time of the assassination attempt. Uday later finds an ideal replacement for himself - this is his old classmate who looks very much like our prince, but an internally more honest young man named Latif Yahia. The copy now has everything that Uday has, except for the woman who will soon take all the thoughts of the double. Now the copy is rebelling against the original, having started a small coup...

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