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Stockholm ( syndrome ) / Однажды в Стокгольме ( стокгольмский синдром ) (2018)

Stockholm ( syndrome ) / Однажды в Стокгольме ( стокгольмский синдром ) (2018)

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The plot of the film is based on a true story, after which the term "Stockholm Syndrome" arose. In 1973, an armed robber seized a Swedish bank and took four employees hostage. Jan-Erik Olsson put forward his conditions to the police and was ready to wait as long as he wanted until everyone fulfilled. As a result, he stayed in the building for six days. All this time the hostages were next to him. The most amazing thing is that all of them subsequently came to his defense. What these people had to endure, and how they spent time in the seized bank. Why did they take the side of an armed criminal who threatened their lives?..

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