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Meet the Fockers / Знакомство с Факерами (2004)

Meet the Fockers / Знакомство с Факерами (2004)

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The movie "Meet the Fockers", which became a 2004 comedy hit. Director Jay Roach brought together simply brilliant actors to implement a brilliant script. In what other film can you simultaneously see such meters of American cinema as: Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and many others. This explosive cocktail from world movie stars gave just a phenomenal result. The film is full of brilliant dialogues, paradoxical comic situations and quick plot changes. The scriptwriter managed to combine incongruous, all the jokes are literally on the verge of decency and vulgarity, but do not cross it. The film is so unusual and funny that you will return to it more than once, and you will watch it again and again. And just turn a good mood you just provided.
Let us turn to the plot of the film "Meet the Fockers". Two young people after their engagement decided to introduce their parents closer. And everything seems to be good and logical. Standard acquaintance, lovely family gatherings, viewing children's photos, etc. But not our heroes. The bride’s father is a former CIA agent, the groom’s parents are cheerful “hippies” with an unconventional outlook on life, and the young themselves simply don’t know how to get rid of their obsessive parents...

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