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Rambo: First Blood / Рэмбо: Первая кровь (1982)

Rambo: First Blood / Рэмбо: Первая кровь (1982)

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In 1982, one of the most famous action movies of our time came. The picture was shot based on a novel of the same name published by David Morrell. This is the first picture about a war veteran named John Rambo. The film has become a cult. In the film, Sylvester Stallone played one of the most striking roles. After many years, the film is still very popular among fans of the genre.
A few words about the plot of the picture. Rambo is a highly professional soldier. He went through the entire war in Vietnam, and returned home alive. John distinguished himself in that war, but it also broke his psyche. Returning to the states, Rambo realizes that the country does not need war heroes like him. In the United States, they prefer not to remember or honor the participants in that war. John Rambo turns out to be an outcast of society, but that does not mean that he will just go with the flow...

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