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Bel Ami / Милый друг (2012)

Bel Ami / Милый друг (2012)

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Georges Duroy's greatest passion is money, sex, and the desire to gain enormous power. The guy just has a charming appearance, he is the dream of every society lady. At the same time, he simply has the steel nerves of a real card player, and simply beautiful manners. It is these qualities that help him in a short time to conquer the city of vice and debauchery - Paris. He quickly realized that this huge city was run not by men, but by their very cheeky wives. Having become a lover of ladies whose husbands are very high-ranking officials, the guy in a very short time makes his way into the big world, while decently stuffing his pockets and earning a very bad reputation, and until a certain moment he manages to avoid embarrassing situations.
It is noteworthy that Nicole Kidman originally planned to attract the main role, but the Hollywood beauty did not have enough time, and the film itself was shot based on the novel of the same name by the great writer Guy de Maupassant.

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