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The Quick and the Dead / Быстрый и мёртвый (1995)

The Quick and the Dead / Быстрый и мёртвый (1995)

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John Herod is the best shooter of the city and an unscrupulous bandit who managed to seize the mayor’s post by force. Once he invites all the shooters of the Wild West to take part in the tournament he organized, where the prize will be the sum of 123,000 dollars. Among the participants are: Kid - Herod's illegitimate son, sergeant Clay Cantrell, the female shooter Ellen, the Indian Spotted Horse, Ace Hanlon and the priest Cort, with whom Herod has old scores. John Herod is absolutely sure of his victory, knowing that many participants want to fight not for the prize, but for the opportunity to kill Herod.

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