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It / Оно (2017)

It / Оно (2017)

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The film takes place in a small town in Maine, which is terrorized by a mysterious serial killer, mercilessly taking the lives of children. He literally tears the bodies of his victims to pieces, and sometimes the police manage to find only parts of the victims. Seven eleven-year-old children, each individually, are confronted with a mysterious evil that has the ability to take on various forms and any forms. It appears before them in the guise of a penny clown luring children with balloons. Having united in a club of losers, the guys decide to find the monster and destroy it once and for all. The leader of their group is Bill Denbrough, who has his own scores with Pennywise. But besides them, the monster is also pursued by the bully Henry Bowers and his friends, which, however, unites friends even more ...

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