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Warrior / Воин (2011)

Warrior / Воин (2011)

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The story of the film “Warrior” tells the story of two brothers who are passionate about martial arts. Big brother Brandon gets into a tough situation. He was overtaken by financial problems. Brandon's hobby does not like his director, the protagonist works at school. Having received a refusal from the bank, he realizes that he is left without housing and he urgently needs to get money. At this time, the younger brother of Tommy also suffers from financial turmoil. Two brothers expect to win the championship and begin to train with their father. Father is a former boxer whose alcoholism destroyed his family. The hope of becoming a winner of the battle and getting a large amount of money does not fade in the hearts of two heroes. But Mr. case leads to the fact that in the ring they will have to meet and fight against each other ...

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