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Lucky Number Slevin / Счастливое Число Слевина (2006)

Lucky Number Slevin / Счастливое Число Слевина (2006)

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1979 reigns on the streets. Before the start of the next race at the hippodrome, there are rumors that the horse at number nine is pumped up with chemistry. A simple guy, taking his son with him to the races, without saying anything to his wife, puts money on this horse. But irreparable happens, the horse falls just before the finish. Returning to the parking lot, where he left the car and his son, he found neither a car nor a son. After which the guy and his family were killed for strange reasons. Many years later, a young guy named Slevin moves to live in his friend’s apartment. Slevin is not lucky with the girls, his house is sealed and a black streak has come in his life. At this time, a brutal showdown for the past murder begins, and someone ordered the heir...

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