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Dallas Buyers Club / Далласский Клуб Покупателей (2013)

Dallas Buyers Club / Далласский Клуб Покупателей (2013)

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Ron Woodruff is a young American guy working as an electrician and moonlighting as a cowboy at a rodeo. He enjoys a free life in everything: attends various parties, uses alcohol and drugs, and enters into an intimate relationship with numerous women. In 1985, Ron found out shocking news from doctors - he had AIDS and had only about a month left to live. However, the guy decided not to give up and do everything in order to extend his life. In Mexico, he manages to find drugs that are banned in America. Later, he meets a transsexual Rayon, who, like him, is doomed to death. Together they organize an underground “buyers club”, where they help AIDS patients acquire the necessary drugs...

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