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Bad Boys for Life / Плохие парни навсегда (2020)

Bad Boys for Life / Плохие парни навсегда (2020)

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Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are best friends and partners who have experienced a lot in their lives. They had to risk their own lives more than once, but they always kept together and were ready to cover each other. But even this friendship comes to an end, and they diverge in different directions. Burnett wants to leave the police and devote all his time to his family. At this time, Lowrey is experiencing a midlife crisis and is even thinking of ending up with a bachelor life. In addition to this, he has to deal with a new, very arrogant partner. But fate brings them an unpleasant surprise, which forces them to unite again. They can only survive by forgetting the old grievances and joining forces...

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