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Unstoppable / Неуправляемый (2010)

Unstoppable / Неуправляемый (2010)

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The picture appeared on big screens in 2010. This is a collaboration between director Tony Scott and renowned actor Denzel Washington. The famous brother of one of the most famous directors of our time has once again proved that it is possible to shoot an excellent thriller, in a large-scale format, capable of keeping the viewer at the screens until the final credits. A very high quality and original written script helped the director in his work. Every detail of the script is written down to the smallest detail, and perfectly polished.A few words about the plot of the picture. The world is on the verge of a new man-made disaster. There was a failure and a huge fully automatic train, with toxic waste, rushes at a breakneck speed. Nothing can stop him, and how? It is not enough just to stop it, you need to carefully park it so that the toxic cargo does not destroy all living things in the vicinity. Enormous forces are involved, the best minds are trying to rectify the situation, but all in vain. But there is another small chance of salvation...

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Памяти Тони Скотта / In memory of Tony Scott R.I.P
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