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Events take place in 2057. Humanity is dying out as the sun is dying. But planet Earth has its last hope - this is the "Icarus 2" spacecraft. The ship's crew consists of eight people, 6 men and 2 women, led by captain Kaneda. The mission of these people is to deliver a dark matter bomb to the Sun. During the trip, being in space silence and without radio communication, the crew hears the faint urges of the signal from the "Icarus 1" spacecraft, which went on the same mission seven years ago and disappeared without trace. Soon, the team will have to fight not only for their own lives, but for all of us..
The sci-fi thriller "SunShine" was released on wide screens on March 23, 2007. Directed by Danny Boyle, this film is a true mix of a wide variety of genres. The film begins in a truly Hollywood way, large-scale and spectacular, like a sci-fi blockbuster. Then the frightening space becomes a real backdrop for real drama, at this moment turning the characters inside out. Towards the end, the psychological drama turns into a thriller that is full of tension and action scenes.

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