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Marked for Death (Nico 3) / Отмеченный смертью (Нико 3) (1990)

Marked for Death (Nico 3) / Отмеченный смертью (Нико 3) (1990)

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John Hatcher is a special agent in the narcotics division. After the tragic death of his partner, he makes the difficult decision to retire and start a new life. He moves in with his sister in Chicago and plans to lead a measured and quiet existence. However, his plans were not fated to come true. The mafia and the new place does not allow John to live in peace. A group of Jamaican drug dealers organize an attempt on John's life, but in this attempt, his niece is seriously injured. Now the former agent is seized with an irrepressible thirst for revenge and he again takes up arms. Now he has to deal with all the members of the criminal group, as well as with the leader - a terrible and crazy shaman of the Jamaican voodoo cult named Screwface.

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