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Million Dollar Baby / Малышка на миллион (2004)

Million Dollar Baby / Малышка на миллион (2004)

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Drama directed by Clint Eastwood. The film was awarded four Oscars, one of them for Best Picture.
The film tells about boxing trainer Frankie Dunn, who is far from being a young man, and about a young girl-boxer Maggie, with a very difficult fate. The girl has long dreamed of becoming a world champion in women's boxing by all means. Because of a difficult relationship with his daughter, Frankie was afraid to become attached to someone, so as not to experience the loss again. However, everything changes when Maggie appears in his training room. Her perseverance convinces the trainer. The girl develops in herself tremendous willpower and fortitude. After spending a lot of time together in training, they became almost a family. At the tournament, for which they have been preparing for so long, the girl breaks two cervical vertebrae...

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