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100 Feet / 100 футoв (2008)

100 Feet / 100 футoв (2008)

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Marnie Watson is the woman who killed her cop husband, who brutally abused her for a long time. After that, Marnie is sentenced to lengthy house arrest, and to ensure that the sentence is carried out to the fullest and in the home walls she feels no better than in prison, Shanks, a friend and colleague of the late Mike Watson, is assigned to watch. At first, Marnie is happy that she miraculously managed to avoid a prison sentence, but after a while the woman realizes that in her house there is the ghost of her late husband, who most of all wants revenge. 100 feet of housing has become a real nightmare for Marnie, which is just beginning.

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  • Yandex
  • 22 ноября 2020 16:02
"Till death do us part" wasn't enough. grin
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