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Tootsie / Тутси (милашка) (1982)

Tootsie / Тутси (милашка) (1982)

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The plot of the film tells us about the unemployed actor-loser Michael Dorsey, played by Dustin Hoffman, who is looking for a good job in show business. Producer Rita Marshall is looking for a new face for the role of hospital administrator. Michael decided to make up as a woman, and try out for this role. And he succeeds. In addition, the new actress Dorothy Michaels (aka Dustin Hoffman), energetic and domineering, she was so liked by the producers that she was signed to a contract for a season. It was a resounding success with the audience. Dorothy gets on the covers of the best publications in America. Michael, who only wanted to get a temporary job, was stuck on the show for months. And met true love there.

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