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The Gods Must Be Crazy / Боги, наверное, сошли с ума (1980)

The Gods Must Be Crazy / Боги, наверное, сошли с ума (1980)

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The plot of the film: it consists of three, organically combined whole stories. The first tells about the responsible mission that Bushman Xi performs, who must get rid of an empty bottle – an object that poses a danger to his tribe. In the second story, we see a romance between the hapless scientist Andrew Steyn and the teacher Kate Thompson. And the third story tells about the escape of a group of terrorists. All these three seemingly different stories are very closely intertwined. The picture will appeal to everyone without exception, both children and adults, it is filled with unrestrainedly touching, funny, places and very romantic actions and subtle sparkling humor.

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Памяти режиссёра Джэми Уйса и бушмена Нǃксау (Нкъхау) / In memory of director Jamie Uys and bushman Nǃxau R.I.P.
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