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K-9: P.I. / К-9 (3): Частные детективы (2002)

K-9: P.I. / К-9 (3): Частные детективы (2002)

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Fearless detective Dooley, together with his faithful laconic four-legged friend Jerry Lee, will return again in order to once again deal with the bandits! And, of course, our cute couple will not be able to live without alterations with chases and, of course, shooting. It is in vain that our valiant Michael Dooley was going to retire: after all, except for Michael, no one could seriously "deal" with the bad guys. And even if the old chap Dooley "got under the hood" of the special services, and even this does not prevent him and his famous partner, policeman number one among the dogs - Jerry Lee, try themselves as private detectives!

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