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Spider-Man / Человек-паук (2002)

Spider-Man / Человек-паук (2002)

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"Spider-Man", directed by American director Sam Raimi, who has been a comic book fan since childhood. The film was released in 2002. Several genres are mixed in the picture. Here we will see elements of fantasy, sci-fi, action and adventure. The film is interesting with events, exciting special effects, majestic sounding music. She gained immense popularity with the viewer. Carried away by watching a super hit, you can easily imagine yourself as a noble superhero guarding good and justice.
The plot of the film: Peter Parker (actor Tobey Maguire) was an ordinary schoolboy. Once our hero went on an excursion with the class, where he was bitten by a strange mutant spider. After a while, the guy felt inhuman strength and dexterity in movement, and most importantly - the ability to climb walls and throw a steel web. He directs his abilities to protect the weak. So Peter becomes a real superhero named Spider-man who helps people and fights crime.

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