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Spider-Man 3 / Человек-паук 3: Враг в отражении (2007)

Spider-Man 3 / Человек-паук 3: Враг в отражении (2007)

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Several years have passed. During this time, Peter Parker has learned to live multiple lives. He understands that a great gift obliges him to bear responsibility for the life of people close to him and his beloved. He has a better relationship with Mary Jane and is a good student. In the moments when Peter's suit turns black, he himself changes and not for the better. In a suit, he is overly self-confident. His friend Harry still intends to avenge his father's death as the New Goblin. But this is not the worst thing that our hero will have to face. He puts on his mysterious black suit and his dark, vengeful side completely engulfs him. And also a powerful villain appears in the form of the Sandman.

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