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Open Water 2: Adrift / Дрейф (Открытое море 2) (2006)

Open Water 2: Adrift / Дрейф (Открытое море 2) (2006)

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The company of school friends: Amy with her husband James and young daughter Sarah, the owner of the yacht and Amy's former lover - Dan, his new girlfriend Michelle, as well as their friends Lauren and Zach, gather years later to celebrate Zach's 30th birthday. They will have a fun trip to Mexico City. After sailing a decent distance from the shore, the friends decide to swim in the sea and everyone jumps overboard. Only after a while do they realize that they forgot to lower the ladder from the yacht to return back. Only baby Sarah remains on the ship, and none of the adults can get back on the yacht in any way, because its sides are very high. The struggle for survival takes place on the high seas. Friends make numerous, but unsuccessful attempts to climb on the yacht...

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