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Beastly / Страшно красив (2011)

Beastly / Страшно красив (2011)

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Kyle is a narcissistic and wealthy young man who is literally obsessed with his looks. Every girl dreams of seeing such a handsome man next to her, and Kyle has long believed that with his looks he can solve any problems. But an unforeseen event that fundamentally changes everything in his life happens. A witch had reason to be very upset with Kyle, so she decided to punish the narcissistic young man. She turned him into a real outcast, bald and scarred. He has only one year to win the heart of a charming and kind girl who can love him and say the words, "I love you." Only then will the sorcerer's spell be dispelled. Otherwise he will remain ugly forever..!

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Beastly / Страшно красив (2011)