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Carrie / Телекинез (Кэрри) (2013)

Carrie / Телекинез (Кэрри) (2013)

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Carrie was never a popular girl at school: she was constantly bullied by her classmates and no one of her peers wanted to be friends with her. The shy and bashful girl had long ago become accustomed to loneliness. She always dreamed of a normal life: to meet with boys, to gossip with her friends, to wear beautiful clothes. But she was forbidden all this by her religious mother, who considered her daughter a spawn of the devil, because of her ability to telekinesis. Constant bullying at school and unbearable life at home forced her to perfect her supernatural abilities. Carrie has always tried not to show her powers in public, but after another cruel joke at the prom, she decided to take revenge on her classmates...

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