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Shanghai Noon / Шанхайский полдень (2000)

Shanghai Noon / Шанхайский полдень (2000)

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The film tells the story of a Chinese man who came to the Wild West to rescue a princess. Like all of Jackie Chan's work, this film is distinguished by a solid portion of humor, stunts, fights and a huge success with the audience. In this film, Jackie Chan proved to everyone that he is not only an excellent actor and kung fu master, but also an excellent producer. As a result, this film turned out to be an excellent western, which surpassed all expectations of financiers, having paid off even in the American box office.
Shanghai Noon is set in the mid-19th century. In China, the princess is kidnapped and taken to North America. Following the kidnappers, the emperor dispatches three of his best bodyguards. Young Chon Wang is not included in this operation. Then his uncle asks to be released with bodyguards as an assistant. Arriving in the west of the United States, Chon Wang finds himself in the midst of unpredictable events...

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