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Shot female director Penny Marshall. Budget fantasy was 18 million. Dollars, and global taxes - almost 152 million.! It looked melodrama about two million. Moviegoers. The world premiere of the family comedy took place in June 1988. About the film: Josh Baskin, 12-year-old boy who suffers from childhood complexes and dreams to grow quickly. In street-slot machine called "Zoltar Speaks" fortuneteller he made a wish to become great. The next day, Josh wakes up already, as a 30-year-old man. He runs away from home and went to town. Forced to look for earnings, he gets a clerkship in the computer department in a company "MacMillan Toys." He well understands, what toys will be in demand and thus attracted the attention of the director of the company. A few days later he became vice-president. His childlike and rapid career growth attracted employee Susan Lawrence. They begin an affair. However, Joshua longs for his old life and his parents. He finds the same slot machine Zoltar, and asks him to return the former appearance.

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