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Self/Less / Вне/Себя  (2015)

Self/Less / Вне/Себя (2015)

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Damian Hayes - old tycoon, who during his life had much to do. We can say that it was he who created New York, as his company has built most of the buildings in the city. For many years he lived in wealth and luxury, creating his own universe, but once doctors gave him a terrible diagnosis. Live it remains very little, and most of all Damian wants to prolong his life, and even better to live it over again, without losing any important moment. Thanks to scientific progress, tycoon appears in a great chance to fulfill his dream, and he was not going to miss it. In the clinic of Professor Albright consciousness Damian implanted in a young body, especially created with the help of genetic engineering. Now Hayes a chance to live a beautiful life in a new body under a true name, only the implantation of consciousness has the side effect ...


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