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As Good as It Gets / Лучше не бывает  (1997)

As Good as It Gets / Лучше не бывает (1997)

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The romantic comedy was released in December 1997. Actors played the main role in the film, Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson - were awarded the "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress" and "Best Actor", respectively. Budget melodrama was 50 million. Dollars, and fees in the world exceeded the costs by more than 6 times! Watched by almost 32 million drama. Moviegoers.
About the film: tells us about the writer Melvin Udall Spitfire with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Because of their pathological obsessions and fears he kept in a limited world, among the books he writes. Melvin mentally unbalanced, he hates all around. Because of its unusual behavior, he is lonely and often in comical situations. Despite his character, he becomes a friend of his waitresses, single mothers and gay neighbor. Melvin takes care of the neighbor's dog, learns from her devotion and kindness. Behind the wall of his own indifference he discovers the wonderful world of human emotions...

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