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The Guest / Гость  (2014)

The Guest / Гость (2014)

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Peterson family is going through very difficult times: the war killed their eldest son and the brother of Caleb. Each in their own way to cope with this loss, but most of all the suffering of his mother, Laura, because to bury their own child - a very difficult sorrow. Once in their house guest there - a nice young man, David, who served with the deceased. Laura courtesy invited him to stay with them for a while, because he came specifically to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased before his eyes Caleb: to convey the love of his family and take care of them. Good helpful young man in every way trying to help each family member, and gradually almost replaces the deceased Caleb. However, taking care of a family friend of the deceased is not prompting his kind heart, and a certain necessity, beyond which lurks a terrible truth ...


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