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Warlock / Чернокнижник  (1989)

Warlock / Чернокнижник (1989)

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Boston, 1961. Just a few hours left before the execution of the powerful sorcerer warlock New World. But the devil comes to the aid of his pupil and release him from prison, moving it three hundred years into the future, through time and space in the world of contemporary Los Angeles. Warlocks have an important mission - he must find the three pieces of the Grand Grimoire, The Satanic Bible to reveal the secret name of the Lord, and then all of humanity will be at the mercy of the dark lord. But after the warlock went ahead hunter of witches and wizards Gilles Redfern, who in medieval New England tried to put him on trial. Gilles joins forces with Enchanted magician girl to find and stop the villain.


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