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Alien³ / Чужой 3  (1992)

Alien³ / Чужой 3 (1992)

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After escaping from a planet inhabited by Aliens, Ripley spaceship crashed near the small planet, where there is one huge prison. At this point the incarcerated murderers, rapists and other dregs of society. However, Ripley survived on this planet-jail and gets Alien embryo, which has caused the death of the ship. For some time the embryo is transformed into a huge bloodthirsty creature and starts to his favorite cause - murder. Dozens of unarmed prisoners are victims of Alien. Now the survivors are forced to unite to confront this terrible creature that will not rest until they destroy all. Meanwhile, Ripley feels strange malaise, and after the scan of his body, she learns that she is growing inside the uterus Alien.


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