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47 Ronin / 47 ронинов  (2013)

47 Ronin / 47 ронинов (2013)

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Once Mr. Asano, while walking through the woods, found the baby, who decided to save from a horrible death by starvation. The boy, named Kai, was left to live in the city of Acre, in the court. Kai active boy grew up and soon became acquainted with the daughter of Asano, Mika. Man, accustomed to a free life in the forest, he decided to show his girlfriend true beauty of wildlife. During another sortie prince in forests. Kai and many samurai had accompanied him. During the hunt, they noticed an unknown demon beast. One of the best samurai managed to track down the demon, but he lost the battle and was preparing for death. Kai, at the last moment, the Samurai saves from death than it does a mortal insult.


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