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Kill Bill 1 / Убить Билла (2003)

Kill Bill 1 / Убить Билла (2003)

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The black Mamba is a long time in a coma. Bill decides to remove the threat in her face and sends her one of his murderers, but at the last moment, bill changes his mind, thinking to deal with the Mamba, when she wakes up. When the Black Mamba wakes up, then immediately goes in search of his enemies, betrayed her. She recalls the events of four years ago, after which she was in the hospital. During her small wedding ceremony killers of bill, her former colleagues, shot everyone in the Church. From the death of the Mamba saved by the fact that she could tell bill was carrying his child. Now the Black Mamba at a time to deal with all the former companions in order to get to bill.

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